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Security Assessments.

Assuring compliance, penetration testing and code reviews. 

Attack Simulations

Ensure your entire enterprise is prepared for an all-out attack

If you want to be sure your staff know what to do during a fire, you run a fire drill. If you want to be sure that your team know how to respond to a determined cyber attacker, you perform an attack simulation.


In an attack simulation, Ionize’s team of certified ethical hackers take on the role of the cybercriminals, using every means at their disposal (with your approval, of course) to demonstrate proof of compromise.


This could be as simple as running a phishing campaign through to assessing the physical security of your IT systems and devices to see how deeply they can infiltrate your systems before your security monitoring team detect them.


We then use our findings to improve your systems, processes and procedures, and further increase your readiness for a real attack.


Advantages of this assessment style include:

  • Organisation wide security assurance – Know how you stack up against the most likely attacks.

  • Blue team testing – Provide answers to how likely you are to detect an attack being undertaken.

  • Security strategy development – Learn the best places to focus your resources and budget for maximum protection.

  • Risk identification – Understand what attacks will cause the most impact to your business.

  • Security training – Ionize can walk through the engagement with defenders in a debrief session to help show what may have been missed.

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Penetration Testing

Employing the strategies of the bad guys to stress-test your systems

The best way to know if your systems are prepared for an attack attempt is to simulate an attack. Ionize penetration testing assesses your apps and IT systems for potential vulnerabilities.  Armed with the knowledge of your weaknesses, we can help you harden your systems against future attacks, as well as implement process changes to ensure the flaws don’t reappear in the future.


Depending on your unique security posture and environment, we can tailor penetration tests from single web applications, through to your entire business and supply chain – this can be performed as a one-off assessment, or on a continual basis.


The benefits of this testing style include:

  • Project assurance – Have confidence that the scoped infrastructure is secure before being exposed.

  • Security compliance – Demonstrate you have taken steps to secure your customers and data from being attacked.

  • Risk identification – Identify what risks may face the business given the current solution, including possible controls or mitigations.

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Code Review

Identify weakness in your network and web apps

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many high-profile cybercrimes despite all of the hard work organisations do, there are two simple reasons – people and software.


It’s widely acknowledged that human error is the primary source of successful cybercrimes – whether that’s opening the wrong email attachment or handing someone, who you think is trustworthy, sensitive information.


The second most common source of vulnerabilities exploited by cyber criminals are bugs in your business’ software. These software bugs are exploited by the bad guys in order to gain access to your systems, often without you noticing.


The problem is that software is quite literally everywhere in your enterprise.

Software is inside your corporate apps, your smartphones, laptops and now that we live in the age of the ‘Internet of Things,’ most appliances have small computers running software controlling your building’s air conditioning, your smart speakers, even the doors to your building.


Whether you are writing your own software or using the software embedded into your systems by third parties, Ionize’s expert team of software testers can assess your software from the inside-out (as opposed to Penetration Testing, which looks from the outside-in) in order to find bugs in your software’s code, enabling you to repair those bugs before they become the next front page news.


In Secure Software Development, you’ll read about how we also work with your teams to help teach them how to build more secure software from the start, lowering the long-term costs of building, maintaining and testing your apps.

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