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Jumping Off the Plane

Deliver Defence Solutions With Confidence

Ensure you're ready for business when supplying to the Australian Defence Forces, Defence Primes and related entities with out Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) Compliance solutions.

The Defence Industry Security Program is designed to support Australian businesses in understanding and meeting their obligations when engaging in Defence projects, contracts and tenders.

Whether you're a business that currently works with Australian Defence or your plans call for you to  partner with an Australian Defence supplier, you are expected to meet your obligations in contributing to the security of Australia's people, information and assets.

The challenge is knowing what those obligations entail and how to meet them.


As a certified DISP Member, Ionize understands the certification process from a practical perspective and together with our alliance partners can help you fast track your DISP membership process with a pragmatic security uplift program. 

Cyber security and DISP

Whilst DISP has a strong emphasis on cyber security it's only part of the criteria to obtaining membership.


Before embarking on the DISP process, it's worth taking some time to utilise the free resources are that are available to familiarise yourself with the requirements including the Defence Security Principles Framework DSPF  (PDF 331 KB) as well as the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) processes and requirements as these are fundamental to your business' ability to obtain and maintain membership.

However, proven cyber security practices form the bedrock of DISP membership with increasing requirements placed on the highest levels of membership, generally have these include;

  • Policy and procedure - demonstrable security governance and information handling policy and procedures

  • Penetration Testing - regular validation and testing of IT system, applications and controls

  • IT System Hardening - proven deployment of ACSC Essential 8 security controls

  • Logging & Monitoring - implementing security monitoring & telemetry to enable the detection of potential and active threats


As a full-spectrum cyber security service provider, Ionize is able to accelerate your cyber security uplift program and help you fast track your DISP Membership with a program tailored to your unique maturity, budget and time requirements.​

Getting started

Whilst membership to the DISP is free, your time is not.

Preparing for certification can be time consuming to those not familiar with it. Together with our alliance partners, Ionize can help you build a pragmatic and cost-effective plan to get your IT security systems in the best shape possible for the level of membership your business needs.

Start by benchmarking yourself, using the DISP's free checklist here: DISP Membership Requirements Checklist - (PDF 187 KB)

Even if you decide DISP membership is not for you, Ionize always recommends everyone implement basic cyber security best-practices;

  • ensure you're up-to-date with vendor supplied security patches for your devices and software to close off the well-known vectors for attacks

  • implement two-factor authentication services (2FA) to minimise the chances of stolen password attacks being successful

  • implement end-point device security protection such as anti-virus software to help harden the edges of your IT systems 

Finally, give us a call or reach out through our Chat facility on on our website - we're happy to help. 

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