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What's in a name?

Back in 2007, our founder and CEO Andrew Muller hypothesised there had to be a better way to provide affordable cyber security protection to business and the broader industry. Having served in the Royal Australia Air Force and later the Defence Signals Directorate, Andrew was exposed to the threats and vulnerabilities faced by organisations, as well as everyday Australians in the burgeoning area of cyber security. The emergence of malicious hackers and cyber criminals signaled that investment in capability was critical if organisations, regardless of their size, were to protect themselves from these threats. Andrew believed that if he could devise a way to assist organisations build their own defences and thereby provide assurance to their customers in turn, that their critical data and information would be safe from being stolen or accessed by others without authority.

The idea of an Eyes-on-Eyes approach was struck. In harnessing his technical background, Andrew believed that if a process of transformation took place, that new entity could take on a positive (or negative) charge. That process of course is Ionization. Taking that Eyes-on-Eyes on approach together with the creation of something new and positive after transformation, Ionize was born.

Commencing small in 2008 and now employing over 30 people located around Australia, we are a proudly sovereign and Canberra based full spectrum cyber security provider with a national and international footprint.

Our Ionization is not finished, we have more to do, more to contribute and more to learn as one of Australia’s key providers and contributors to cyber security.


Our Community


Ionize is an equal opportunity, equal access employer meaning that when we recruit, we recruit based on an alignment of values as well as overall ability, regardless of an individual’s circumstances or background. At Ionize we firmly believe that success in cyber security requires collaborative, creative, and innovative problem solving that is best achieved through diversity. Ionize has proudly coined ‘Ionizers’ to encompass our no gender, cultural or identifiably specific term to describe our incredible team.

Ionize is also a proud veteran owned and operated business. Ionize’s founder and Managing Director and a proportion of the Ionize team has served in one of Australia’s Armed Services, or under the flag of an allied nation such as the United States. Ionize’s values remain closely aligned to those of the Australian Defence Force and we maintain close and proud ties to our individual and collective service histories.

Ionize is a community of likeminded people, sharing the goal of improving cyber security for our diverse range of clients and the community at large. We work with the industry, the education sector and our partners in pursuit of this goal.

We specialise in

  • delivering the suite of full Spectrum Cyber Security Services
  • enabling and supporting our people to work directly with you
  • enabling you to meet your Cyber Security objectives.