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Protecting Your Digital Assets

Ionize’s governance, risk and compliance practitioners have the expertise and credentials to apply the appropriate security methodology or framework relevant to your requirements to ensure compliance, and support you to achieve your strategic objectives.

At Ionize our Security Consulting team can provide you with an overarching cyber security assessment, security governance and risk assessments as well as policy development and documentation. We work collaboratively with you to understand your business requirements and place a high emphasis on co-design principles. Through this approach we engage directly with your key stakeholders (including business, risk and security professionals) to ensure that our outcomes and recommended course of action are aligned to your specific needs, operating environment, risk tolerances and strategic objectives.

Hunting, Analysis and Warning Centre

Your 24/7 Guardian Against Cyber Threats

HAWC is our commitment to care, offering a sovereign, 24/7 eyes on glass threat monitoring, detection and incident response service delivered from our secure headquarters in Canberra.

At Ionize we listened to the challenges faced by our clients, understanding that investing their limited time, capital, and technical skills into comprehensive security monitoring capability was not always possible.

HAWC simplifies this for you, enabling everyone to benefit from our continuous monitoring and protection service, without the associated financial or human capital burden.


Vigilant surveillance and pursuit of emerging cyber threats, ensuring early detection, prevention and escalation


Comprehensive examination of information and data to evaluate risks, identify vulnerabilities and the potential impact on your digital assets

Warning Centre

Swift and precise alerting, enabling an immediate response and coordination for enhanced cyber security


Why You Should Choose Ionize Consulting Services

Ionize Cyber Security Consulting Services are flexible and adaptable to your needs. We ensure all our advisory services are fit for purpose using a co-design approach, meaning we will work with you to understand your business, and then determine with you the best approach that meets your business needs.

We are of the strong belief, which is enshrined in our values, we will only provide the consulting services and support you need to reach your objectives.

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Compliance with Top Security Standards

Consulting Service

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The Complete Cyber Solution

Ionize is a full spectrum cyber security provider, we operate with expertise, professionalism and capability across Governance, Risk and Compliance, Offensive Services and Defensive Services, including our world class HAWC managed service