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The Ionize Hunting Analysis and Warning Centre (HAWC) Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides you with protection from cyber threats and the destructive activity of malicious actors. Effective cyber security controls, processes, policy and regular security testing are all essential as part of your cyber security program. For any cyber security program to be effective, you need a clear understanding of the threats you face. Ionize’s HAWC provides you with that understanding by offering continuous, round the clock monitoring of your organisation’s critical assets. Having timely threat information, supported by our advice and provided in real time allows you to prepare and respond to perceived or actual suspicious activity.

By partnering with Ionize and electing to use our HAWC service you can immediately tap into our security monitoring, threat management and reporting expertise which we can tailor to your needs. Together, we can quickly provide with you an ability to detect and respond to suspicious behavior and in-progress threats. We can rapidly bolster your cyber security defence and increase your resilience to give you peace of mind.

Hunting, Analysis and Warning Centre


HAWC is our commitment to care, offering a sovereign, 24/7 eyes on glass threat monitoring, detection and incident response service delivered from our secure headquarters in Canberra.

At Ionize we listened to the challenges faced by our clients, understanding that investing their limited time, capital, and technical skills into comprehensive security monitoring capability was not always possible.

HAWC simplifies this for you, enabling everyone to benefit from our continuous monitoring and protection service, without the associated financial or human capital burdens.


Vigilant surveillance and pursuit of emerging cyber threats, ensuring early detection, prevention and escalation


Comprehensive examination of information and data to evaluate risks, identify vulnerabilities and the potential impact on your digital assets

Warning Centre

Swift and precise alerting, enabling an immediate response and coordination for enhanced cyber security

Security Operations

Why You Should Choose Our Security Operations

In 2020 Ionize invested in enhanced cyber security situational awareness with the launch of HAWC – the Hunting, Analysis and Warning Centre managed security service. HAWC enables customers obtain the benefit of 24/7 threat monitoring and incident response without having to invest their scarce time, capital and technical skills. HAWC operates from our secure data centre in Canberra and caters for both classified and unclassified security operations and services.

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Security Operations Service

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