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The best place to start is to contact us using the Get Started button. Often we find an open dialogue with a new or potential client via a phone call or face to face meeting is the logical starting point for us to gain an understanding of your needs. We have worked with hundreds of clients over 15 years so have great experience in determining what cyber security solutions will address your needs at both an operational and strategic level. A conversation or round table discussion with Ionize to determine your needs will not cost you anything.

The answer is no. Ionize is a modular cyber security provider. That means you can engage us to deliver the full suite of cyber security services including Governance, Risk and Compliance advisory, Offensive Services such as Penetration testing and attack simulations, and Defensive Services such as our 24/7 security monitoring service. Alternatively, you can engage us to undertake just one penetration test on your website per year. Our flexible model, with our expert advice and guidance, allows you to select what combination of cyber security services best meets your needs, whether that is the full suite as described above, or a one-off activity only. We can also phase our engagement, meaning we could start small and grow our services with you over time.

Over the past 15 years Ionize has worked with hundreds of different clients from across Australia, as well as abroad. Those clients include a unique blend of very large government and non-government institutions, large for profit, For Purpose and community sector, as well as small to medium enterprises. Some clients may be just a handful of people with a single website. Ionize is open for business with everyone. Our dedication and commitment to supporting our clients is not based on your size, rather on our shared values and commitment to improve. In that sense, if we can improve any aspect of your cyber security arrangements, no matter how large or small you are, then its a joint success.

Good question best answered this way – as a value driven and modular cyber security provider, our aim is for you to spend as little as possible to get the greatest benefit to your business. Our approach is to work with you to understand your risks, compliance challenges, and the nature of the data and information you manage to determine what individual or packaged cyber security services you should consider from us. We will never sell you services you do not need, and those services you do buy through us will be priced competitively and tracked under a service level agreement to demonstrate our commitment to delivery and your value for money.