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The Ionize Offensive Services and Assessments function is delivered by a team of professional and experienced security testing experts. Our team has extensive experience delivering penetration testing and vulnerability analysis services to the Australian Government, Corporate, and Community sectors.

Ionize specialists have a range of applied security testing accreditations from leading industry providers such as the SANS Institute (GPEN, GWAPT), and Offensive Security (OSCP and OSEP) as well as holding a Certified Red Team Operator Certificate. Several of our team members hold tertiary qualifications at the Masters’ level, further enhancing our Offensive Services credentials.

In addition to applying the Ionize Penetration Testing Framework, the team has extensive experience applying leading industry security testing methodologies including the Penetration Test Execution Standard (PTES), the MITRE Corporation’s ATT&CK security framework, and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) web application, Internet of Things, secure code review, and mobile testing standards.

Penetration testing is not a standalone process but instead serves as an input to other software and security assurance processes, including:

  • Asset vulnerability identification within the IT Security Risk Management process
  • Security control effectiveness review within the IT Security Certification and Accreditation process
  • Companion testing to component, system and integration testing within the System/Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Key Points

  • Security penetration testing and offensive security compliance
  • Enterprise level cyber attack and breach simulations (desktop or scenario based)
  • Vulnerability and exploit analysis
  • Code review
  • Whitebox application testing.

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The benefits of this testing approach include

  • confidence that your system is secure before being deployed in the real-world
  • evidence that you’ve taken proactive steps to secure your customers and their data
  • understanding the residual risks in your technology platforms enabling you to improve controls and mitigation.


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A certified member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP), Ionize is an active participant to OWASP and ISO27001 standards development processes as well a key contributor to the TAFE National Cyber Curriculum. Ionize doesn’t just implement best-practices, it defines them.