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Secure Managed Service (SOCaaS)

Continuous managed security.

The Ionize Hunting Analysis and Warning Centre (HAWC) leverages our combination of expertise across the full-spectrum of security from governance to defensive and offensive best-practices along with our tailored monitoring and analysis automation. Up-level your ability to detect, alert and respond to suspicious behaviour and in-progress breaches. Additional services such a forensics and rectification help improve the resilience and recovery from these events when they happen.

Your digital business needs digital defenses.

With each passing day, every business becomes increasingly reliant on digital technology to achieve its goals – whether that’s to win new customers or to serve the ones you have more efficiently, we rely on connected devices and applications in ways we could not have imagined a decade ago. You simply couldn’t function as a business if your IT systems were compromised or your secrets were stolen.

What once seemed like an abstract risk or the plot of an action movie is now a reality. Cybercriminals and nation-state sponsored actors work tirelessly to exploit your security weaknesses in order to hold your business systems to ransom, steal money and data, or simply assume your identity in order to launch their next attack. No matter the motives, the result is the same – lost revenue, corporate reputation, time and public trust.

Why not DIY?

One way to combat the reality of increased cyber crime is to build a Security Operations Centre or SOC - the downside is that unless you’re prepared to outspend, out-hire and out-train your attackers, then you’re potentially worse off than before.


The Ionize Hunting Analysis and Warning Centre (HAWC) is the alternative to DIY SOCs.

Augmented Intelligence


In the same way the bad guys use a combination of scripts and humans to attack, our "eyes-on-glass" team of world-class experts and automation levels the battlefield.

Constant Compliance


Our automation monitors your systems for compliance with policy and regulations, with potential breaches and violations reported automatically as they happen.

Continuous Security


Don't rely on periodic check-ups to monitor your security posture. HAWC continuously monitors your environment for threats and policy changes.

Fully Sovereign

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You've got enough to worry about without having to second-guess your security services provider. Based in the ACT, we're sovereign and proud of it.

Service levels that work for you.

HAWC is available in a range of service levels and response times to suit your risk profile, budget and business context. 

Contact us now to organise a demonstration.

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