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Smarter Security.

Even the best security system can be undone with a click of a link or the opening of an attachment.

Better cybersecurity awareness = fewer breaches.

When it comes to cybersecurity, we're all only as strong as the weakest link.

In many, if not most, of the cases of successful exploits, cybercriminals relied on a combination of human errors to achieve their goals.

Our passion is helping people uplift their cybersecurity knowledge and skills - whether that's at a general awareness level or the deep technical skills required to build their own defensive strategy.

We aim to empower clients and independent auditors through a broad range of training capabilities. Ionize offers a range of programs from general security awareness through to secure coding and capture-the-flag exercises.

We're also one of only two IRAP training organisations within Australia endorsed by the Australian Signals Directorate and a proud contributor to the TAFE Cyber Security Skills program.

Security Awareness

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent each year on intrusion detection systems, anti-virus, security architecture designs, and multiple other systems, only for it to all to be undone by a user opening an attachment they shouldn’t have. The user will always be the weakest link in any security chain, and our security awareness training aims to make that link a lot stronger.

Ionize provides training which demonstrates to users live, up to date attacks and techniques used by our hackers to compromise organisations. This training helps non-technical users appreciate the reasons why it’s so important to take security seriously. We also offer phishing engagements where large scale social engineering campaigns are conducted, without any malicious payloads. These results are delivered to you which show who opened the emails, who clicked the links, and how your organisation would fare in a real attack.

Secure Coding

Are you using inline queries or parameterised queries for your SQL statements? Are you escaping your input as it comes in before displaying it, or are you doing it recursively? Do you know what a TOCTOU race condition is?


We’ve seen a great improvement in the emphasis on secure coding over recent years, but unfortunately as seen by breaches throughout the world mistakes are still being made. This doesn’t mean it’s the developer's fault, some simply don’t have any time to learn about security nuances when the next sprint is due tomorrow.


Ionize tries to help in this area by providing a crash course in secure coding tailored to your organisation. Once we understand what languages and frameworks you commonly work in, we can tailor examples of common coding vulnerabilities along with teaching best practices to avoid them.

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