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iCLASS Dictionary Attack


By default, using the PicoPass application on a FlipperZero to perform a dictionary attack on an iCLASS key fob has a very small number of keys available, resulting in a low success rate. This can be improved by including the 700+keys in the iCopyX leak. The exact iCLASS key fob is shown in the images below. The firmware used for this attack is Unleashed Development version with extra apps (878E).


When attempting an attack using the built in Elite Dict.Attack method found in the PicoPass application, only 25 or 28 keys are actually tried.

Updating the Keys file

On the version of Unleashed firmware that I’m running the key file for the dictionary attack is located at SD Card/apps_assets/picopass/iclass_elite-dict.txt

The actual contents of the file look like this. Although the screenshot above shows 28 keys being attempted, the file actually only contains 25 so we are not sure what the true number is.

The actual leak of the 700+ from keys from iCopyX can be found in here. https://pastebin.com/raw/KWcu0ch6

The original file as shown above is stored in this repo as iclass_elite_dict_original.txt so if you want to restore later you can just rename this file to iclass_elite_dict.txt and copy it back to your FlipperZero in the original location of SD Card/apps_assets/picopass/iclass_elite-dict.txt.

  1. Copy the file from the SD card, to do this you can either remove the SD card or use the qFlipper application or just download the one attached to this repo.
  2. Copy all of the keys from pastebin link above and paste them into the file you downloaded. I put them after the key C1B74D7478053AE2 but I’m not sure it would really matter.

3. Your key file should look like the below screenshot.

4. Now just use your preferred method to transfer this file back to the flipper if you are using qFlipper you may have to delete the original file first.

Attack with extra keys

After re-running the attack many more keys are shown to be tried.

After trying 300 odd keys very quickly the correct one was found.

From here I was able to save the key.

As I understand, it is not possible to write it to another blank key fob however I was able to successfully emulate the key fob using the FlipperZero and have it open the door.

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